About Helen.

Helen founded Eastside Midwives in 2008, to support families through their journey of childbirth. Helen is a highly regarded Midwife, Counsellor, Lactation Consultant, and childbirth educator with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in many birthing settings across Melbourne, covering all areas of Midwifery,  including having been a Homebirth Midwife for over 10 years.


Currently, Helen does not offer any hands-on birthing support.


Hypnobirthing Classes.

In 2016 Helen became an accredited Hypnobirth Australia Educator. Through the Hypnobirth Australia program.  Families are given empowering knowledge on pregnancy, birth and beyond. Helen is able to work with you to develop a 'toolbox' of tips and tricks to take into your birthing space, helping you to achieve a positive and wonderfully calm, empowering birth experience. This can positively carry over into your parenting experience and beyond.


Helen herself has had 3 incredibly empowering Hypnobirths. She fully recognises how a woman's birth experience helps shape her parenting experience and her intimate relationships.  The Hypnobirthing classes not only teach you tools for birthing but Hypnobirthing skills are totally transferable across all of life.


Helen believes Hypnobirthing is often more useful for the partner than even the birthing woman, as the course provides partners with so many tips and useful tools to help them feel like an integral part of the birthing team.


Classes are held in Ferntree Gully and there is a combination of weekend and weeknight times tailored to suit your needs. Zoom classes are also available upon request.


Join one of our group classes with other couples or sign up for a private class. Refresher classes are also available.


See our Hypnobirthing page for FAQs


To find out more information contact Helen via email at helen@eastsidemidwives.com or call her on 0425 770316.




Sunday 3rd March 9am  - 5pm

Thursday 16th May 9am - 5pm (weekday class)

Sunday 16th June 9am - 5pm 

Sunday 7th July 9am - 5pm 

Sunday 11th August 9am - 5pm 

Sunday 15th September 9am - 5pm 



Class times can be flexible. Please contact me if these dates dont suit your calendar, Im more thsan happy to schedule more dates.


Group Class: $600 per couple.


Private Class: $850 per couple.  Private classes can be booked by calling Helen directly.


3-Hour Refresher Class: $350 per couple.


Antenatal Education & Lactation IBCLC Support.

Helen offers support and assistance both Antenatally and  Postnatally.   She is a highly skilled  Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over 15 years experience, and offers Lactation support in the comfort of your own home.


Medicare rebates are available. 


Download the Medicare Doctors referral form here


Pregnancy Consult & Education (1hr ++): $250 (rebate approx. $45)


Lactation Appointment (1hr):  

Initial consult $250 (rebate approx. $70).

Followup Consults out of pocket $110.


Zoom/phone consultation (1hr): $200 (no rebate available)




Helen is a qualified Counsellor ~ Psychotherapist. She offers counselling support during your pregnancy and postnatally, assisting with any anxiety or apprehension around pregnancy or birthing. 


Helen also offers birth debriefing/counselling following a traumatic or difficult birth.  


Please inquire for further details. 


Download the Medicare Doctors referral form here


Counselling Appointment: $250 ($70 rebate available during pregnancy and until your baby is 7wks old). Followup appointments are $110 out of pocket.




Sleep and Settling Support


Eastside Midwives' experienced occupational therapist Sarah Megens provides comprehensive support to address sleep-related challenges in babies and children up to 10 years of age.


Sarah strongly believes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your family’s sleep. She works closely with families to develop personalised plans and will look at all factors impacting on sleep including naptime and bedtime routines, room set up, diet, and play.


The goal of sleep and settling support is to promote healthy sleep habits and enhance overall well-being through improved sleep and settling routines.  Sarah's goal is to help the whole family achieve a more restful and fulfilling sleep experience, improving your quality of life.


Phone and in-home consultations are available. You can even have Sarah come to your home at your child's usual nap-time or bedtime to support you through settling strategies in the comfort of your home.


Please contact Sarah directly to book, or to discuss which type of consult may suit your needs.


Antenatal Sleep Support

This is a new and exciting service Eastside Midwives Collective are offering after hearing feedback from many parents who would have loved education about safe sleeping and settling before birth.


These sessions involve Sarah coming out to see you at home to look at your nursery set up and educate you around safe sleep practices.


Having a background in occupational therapy means that Sarah is able to also provide you with information to help maintain healthy postures and positive ergonomic set ups. This may sound very clinical, but parenting is a 24/7 job with lots of nappy changes, settling for sleep, cuddling, dressing - having good posture is paramount to help lower risk to your back.


Sarah will also provide education about newborn sleep and help you to feel more comfortable with the 'realm of normal' when it comes to baby's sleep patterns and help you set some solid foundations in setting up healthy sleep habits the whole family will benefit from. 

Eastside Midwives & Counselling offers

Eastside Midwives are accredited Hypnobirthing Australia practitioners who host regular hypnobirthing workshops.

If you are looking for additional birth education and a deeper understanding of the process, Hypnobirthing Australia is a fabulous option.

How? Hypnobirthing Australia is an Australian written program to educate and empower families through the birthing journey. Our hypnobirthing courses teach you the tools for your birth including: visualisation, self hypnosis, guided meditation, relaxation and breathing to allow you to release any fears and become empowered in your birthing ability.

When? Classes are run regularly throughout the year. They are either a full weekend (9-4pm each day) or a set of four weekday evenings (7-9pm). Please contact us to find out which workshop would suit your family. *private classes are available on request.

Where? All classes are held in the outer East of Melbourne (Ferntree Gully). Specific locations on enquiry.

How far along should I be? It is recommended you are between 24-34wks, but you can still gain a lot right up until your due date. If you are unsure please contact us for guidance.

Is it too late? It is never too late to benefit from Hypnobirthing Australia.

What will I learn? There are four separate but inclusive sessions.

  • Creating and maintaining a positive mindset
  • Choices, knowledge and tools for empowered birthing
  • Preparing the mind and body for birth
  • Birth, bringing it all together

Each session brings a unique understanding of your body and your mind, allowing you to release any fears and looking forward to birthing your baby. Visit What is Hypnobirthing

Should my parents/birth support come? Absolutely, we welcome a support person with you. Included in your price is attendance by two people including a professional manual and free tracks to continue your relaxation at home. There are just as many benefits for the support people as for the birthing woman.

Does it matter how or where I am birthing? Not at all- we encourage women birthing in private hospitals, birth centres, public hospitals and at home to attend. Everyone can benefit from having more knowledge and less fear. Hypnobirthing Australia supports the woman's choice in where and how they give birth.

How much? Each Hypnobirthing Australia program (either 4x weeknights or 2x weekend days) are $500, inclusive of your manual, downloads and light refreshments.

Why us? Helen is an extremely experienced midwife who believes that her past experience really gives her an edge in teaching this program. Her education, professional experience and life experience is so beneficial in working with families and helping couples release any fear or apprehension.

How do I book? Please call Helen on 0425 770 316 or email helen@eastsidemidwives.com