Lactation Support

We are really looking forward to providing some Lactation care for women in our clinic.

So far we have been focusing on so many areas of care for women and families antenatally.  Antenatal support and education, Yoga (Thursdays 7.30 pm and Wesnesdays 9.30 am) and VBAC classes (TBA).

So, next up, we have Lactation support.  With a referral from your GP, you can receive rebates for any postnatal visits you have with us. You could see us privately, or you could come to any Lactation Day Stay days that we will be arranging. We plan to start Day Stays really soon.

We are finding more and more that women are silently struggling with their breastfeeding issues as Health Professionals from the hospitals and MCHN are under the pump (hours wise), therefore women are giving up breastfeeding as they feel that they are "going it alone". well that's where we step in. You can pop into our clinic. Or to make sure that we are available, give us a call first. If you are within 6-7 weeks since having your baby, you can get a refferal from your GP and get a handsome rebate for our services. 

Amy and i are both Lactation Consultants and have years and years of experience between us.

As well as helping out with breast feeding we can help with Sleep and Settling techniques. Sometimes families just feel so sleep deprived in those early weeks and months that they have forgotten any tips of the trade that they were taught when their baby was first born. OR you may have slipped through the cracks of the hospital system. When you come to see us we listen to how things have been going for you, what has been your babys sleep/feed patterns thus far, and make suggestions to you according to your own parenting styles. This is unique to each and every family.

We can make referrals to pediatricians here onsite if we feel that is necessary and we can work together with these pediatricians to have the best outcomes possible for you and your family. 

Posted on Sep 28, 2016