What can I do with my baby?

We all dream of the day we have our baby. We wait for maternity leave to start- catching up on Netflix, meeting up with friends during their lunch breaks and trying the bottle whatever sleep we can before the whirlwind of a baby enters our world.

Then one day- the silence is interrupted, our heart is opened wide open and our days are busy. But it’s a new kind of busy. Your day may disappear in a cloud of nappies, feeding, expressing, washing and the countless hours spent settling. But when your partner walks in the door at 6pm and asked ‘but what did you DO all day?’ the answer is simple– EVERYTHING.

All parents will tell you the first 6mths passes so quickly, but the days can pass so slowly.

The first six weeks is a blur and then suddenly you are out of it. Your baby probably has more time awake, and hopefully more predictable sleep times. Your body is recovered, your mind is active and you may need some ideas on what to do with your baby.

Babies of all ages get bored, all parents need stimulation, and vice versa. Meeting new parents in the same stage as you is invaluable in the first year of parenting. Here are some ideas to think about:

At Eastside Midwives we host the fabulous yogi Laura Dixon to take two yoga classes a week at our rooms. Laura runs a Mums & Bubs class on a Wednesday morning at 9.30am and a Slow & Stretch Yoga (suitable for pregnancy) on Thursday at 7.30pm. Class are affordable and do amazing things for your core and pelvic floor. Its also an amazing opportunity to meet other mums, the yoga mums grab a coffee after the class and chat about their weeks.

To book just contact us via the website or contact Laura on 0412 747 205

Posted on Apr 28, 2017