What do you actually do?

When we made the transition from Eastside Midwives to Eastside Midwives & Counselling it seemed, to us, like a straight forward swap. We had been providing homebirth services, and transitioned to offering the same midwifery support, just excluding the birth.

What seemed to make perfect sense to us, didn’t make perfect sense to other people. The overwhelming question we get asked is ‘soooooo what is it you actually do?’ We have lovely rooms, but unless people know what amazing things we provide, it doesn’t matter how lovely our rooms are. So, I am hoping to help clear up the confusion, explain what services we offer and explain exactly the kinds of families/women who would benefit, we believe benefit greatly, from our care.


Pregnancy Advice and Support:

Ultimately all of the women who seek care from us at Eastside Midwives will have a primary care giver for their pregnancy. That is the person who takes your blood pressure, organises your blood tests and books you into hospital. Sometimes that is a doctor, sometimes that is a midwife, sometimes that is a combination of your GP and hospital midwives. We provide ADDITIONAL care to that. You come in to see us at our clinic, outside your normal pregnancy care, to get extra help.

That can include:

-women unsure where to birth their baby

-women who are severely unwell and want to discuss natural methods of helping with the nausea

-women confused about the tests she is being offered

-women who want to discuss pain relief options

-women who are scared of giving birth

-women who are planning a VBAC and need some education

-women wanting help writing a birth plan

-women wanting extra knowledge about breast feeding

-any woman who has unanswered questions about pregnancy and birth


Infant Feeding Advice and Support:

One of the biggest challenge’s after your birth your baby is breastfeeding. Can I breastfeed? Should I breastfeed? And how do I breastfeed? It is a natural thing to do, but that doesn’t mean sometimes it isn’t bloody hard work. Amy and Helen from Eastside Midwives know how difficult breastfeeding can be and are here to offer all the support your need to continue. We offer breastfeeding advice during pregnancy, lactation consults, lactation day stays and baby weighs for women concerned about their infants intake. Of course we also support and help women who choose to bottle feed and can provide education.

So some of the reasons people come:

-women wanting to learn about breastfeeding during pregnancy

-women confused with all the information about breastfeeding

-women with new infants who are topping up and want to get their baby full time breastfeeding

-women expressing and needing to keep up their supply

-women with twins or triplets (or more!) wanting help on feeding routines

-women with nipple damage

-women who experience pain on breastfeeding

-babys with a poor latch

-women with vasospasm

- women worried about their babys weight gain

-swapping to bottle feeding from breastfeeding


Sleep and Settling:

The lack of sleep with a baby is one of, or the, hardest parts of having a baby. The phrase ‘sleep like a baby’ really means to wake up every 20mins for seemingly no reason. There is so much conflicting advice and so many unrealistic expectation regarding sleep and babys. At Eastside Midwives we are able to help you set realistic goals for infant sleep, help with strategies to increase the blocks of sleep you get and help everyone in your home be more relaxed. Please be aware we do not recommend nor support ‘cry it out’ techniques for settling.



There are so many things around pregnancy, birth and newborns that can cause depression and anxiety. Both Helen and Amy have had their own families and completely understand how difficult, confusing and tiring it can be. The first year after having a baby is really difficult on a relationship and many partnerships break down over the time.

Eastside Midwives Counselling can help with:

-previous birth trauma

-fear of birth/pain

-relationship tension

-difficulty adjusting with the transition to parenting

-post natal depression or anxiety

-or just a discussion about things you find difficult


Extra Stuff:

We provide a lot of ways to connect with other mothers and stay fit and healthy. We are always starting new things, having informative talks and coffee mornings. Follow us on Facebook to see what we are offering.

-Pregnancy Yoga

-Mums& Bubs Yoga

-Birth Story mornings

-Infant Massage


There is so much we do offer, but we don’t offer birth support anymore. We are a hub of activity, a place to come, get support and meet other mothers. Check us out, watch us grow, come and visit.

Amy & Helen

Posted on Oct 12, 2016