Where to birth in Melbourne ?

Where to birth in Melbourne ?

Trying to fall pregnant can be really fun, besides the obvious, the anticipation of what is to come. Dreaming if your new baby will have your nose, or your partners obscenely long eyelashes. Picturing your nursery and the teeny tiny little clothes your baby will wear.

Unfortunately what we often forget to look at, until those two little lines pop up on the test, is where should I birth my baby ? The answer to this is far from simple.

There is no place of birth to suit all families. For some families a private hospital with a private obstetrician is the best option. For some families it’s the facilities of a large public tertiary hospital. And for some the familiarity of home is the best place to birth. Similarly no one care giver suits everyone. Midwife or doctor? GP with extra training in obstetrics or specialised obstetrician? Independent midwife or midwifery clinic? There are so many choices and just as many opinions.


Would you buy the same car as your best friend just because they like it? No? then you shouldn’t choose a primary carer just because your friend liked them. Different women want different things from their primary carer. Just because a hospital is closest to you, doesn’t mean they are the best fit for you. Also- just because you have paid for private health insurance for years, doesn’t mean you should go private just to claim some money back.

At Eastside Midwives we can offer you independent advice on where to birth your baby. Amy & Helen go through all your hopes and fears to help you choose a place of birth that fits in with your birthing philosophy. We have both worked in a variety of settings, so understand the pros and cons of each option.

So if you are confused by your options, make a time with us early in your pregnancy and we can help you make a decision.


Posted on Oct 19, 2016