• I have embraced

    Posted on Sep 09, 2016

    Last night, together with Holly Deans and Fitlife, Eastside Midwives hosted a premiere of the Australian documentary ‘EMBRACE ‘- it was AMAZING!

    Taryn Brumfitt is a mother of three beautiful children, from Adelaide who struggled with loving her body after the birth of her children. After achieving the ‘perfect body’ and competing in a bikini fitness competition she discovered that she was more miserable. This documentary follows her around the world as she talks to, cries with and learns from some inspiring women. Included in this movie was Mia Freedman (youngest ever editor of Cosmo), Turia Putt (who was severely burnt during an ultra marathon), Amanda de Cadenet (TV host) and many more.

    Last night we literally cried watching how unhappy women are with their bodies. Their amazing bodies that grew life, that are strong and that carry them through life. We laughed at the humour women bring to life, even in difficult situations. And we felt immensely humbled and proud when women like Turia Pitt never give up, when they give so much of themselves to others and when we realised we still have so far to go to change the insidious nature of body shaming.

    My favourite line from the movie was from British TV host Amanda de Cadenet who said ‘If I wanna eat a cookie that my kid bakes. I’m gonna eat the F#*king cookie’.

    If you get the chance to watch this movie, watch it. Then watch it a second time. There is so much to take from this documentary. Every woman, every teen and every man should watch this. It isn’t just a woman’s problem. Body image issues come from all around us. Unrealistic images, preconceived ideas on what beauty is and pressures from everyone around us, are daily reminders to us that society doesn’t think we are ‘good enough’. We need to consider every influence on our children and raise them to love themselves for the person people they are.

    If you haven’t heard about this movie, there is the trailer:


  • Yoga with Laura

    Posted on Aug 31, 2016

    We are very excited and happy to announce that Eastside Midwives will be commencing Yoga classes! Starting in late September (the 22nd and the 23rd) we will be hosting weekly pregnancy, postnatal and mums & bubs yoga.

    Laura is a wonderful yoga instructor with two young kids of her own, so completely understands how taxing on our bodies, minds and emotions being a mother can be. Through yoga Laura can allow you some time for yourself. Time to relax, time to let go and time to reinvigorate for the week ahead.

    Thursday nights at 6.30pm Laura will facilitate a yoga class that is gentle, healing and introspective, suitable for everyony, pregnancy included. This is a special time for mothers to take a break from daily life and relax. So we ask that no children attend please.

    Friday mornings at 9.30am Laura will facilitate a ‘Mums & Bubs’ yoga class. Please bring a bunny rug or blanket for your baby to lie on.

    Session are held at Eastside Midwives, level One / 157 Scoresby Rd. Boronia (Melbourne Eastern Healthcare). For the first week Thursday 22/9 at 6.30pm and Friday 23/9 at 9.30am the cost will be only $5 per class. For the remainder of 2016 it will be $10 per class. From 2017 the pricing will increase.

    To book please email Laura at or call and leave a message on 9839 3305.

  • New Rooms

    Posted on Aug 29, 2016


    Moving into our new rooms in Boronia has been a mixture of excitement, awe and a touch of fear. Are we biting off more than we can chew? Or are we going to be able to support more families, like we hope?

    We are at Melbourne Eastern Healthcare in Boronia (Level One /157 Scoresby Rd), surrounded by other bustling health care professionals. People were coming and going from their clinics, when suddenly Eastside Midwives has popped up in the middle. We have two consulting rooms, one each for Helen and Amy. Complete with examination tables and place to hold our lending libraries. A little kitchenette, so weary mothers can grab a cup of tea, or warm up a bottle. A store room- much needed! And a good sized waiting room. Our rooms are bright, have a lot of sunlight, are warm and clean. We are slowly adding our own touches to make it more representative of our nurturing work. Children are always welcome at Eastside Midwives.

    Currently we offer a whole range of services for the families in the area. Including pre-conception advice for women looking to fall pregnant, pregnancy education, breastfeeding education, lactation support after your baby is born, and counselling services to anyone who needs some support.

    In the very near future we will be using the amazing facilities here to offer yoga classes, infant massage and a range of group activities.

    If you have any ideas on what you would like to see available in the community for families. Send us an email.


  • New Beginnings

    Posted on Aug 21, 2016

    For the last nearly 10years, Eastside Midwives has been providing the families of Melbourne with homebirths. Over that time many midwives have worked with us, each have offered their own unique skills and evolved Eastside Midwives to what it is today. These inspiring women include; founder Andrea Bilcliff, Karen Heywood, Janie Nottingham, Veronica Ingram and current partners Helen Barrington & Amy Gillies. We, Amy and Helen, are now ready for a change. We have loved and adored being on call for your births, welcoming a baby into the world is the most amazing experience to share. But our families have missed us and it is now time to give them back their mothers & wives.

    So from August 2016 we are opening a brand new clinic in Boronia to support many more families in a new way. We will be offering midwifery services complementary to your hospital visits. The hospital or your doctor will offer you a 10min appointment to make sure you are physically healthy, but they aren’t able to offer a full range of individualised midwifery education and support. This is where we step in. During you pregnancy you have several appointments with your own midwife to cover all pregnancy related education and questions. We then work with you to set up a birth plan for your hospital birth. After you have your baby, we can continue to provide you with support for breastfeeding, parenting and the transition to parenthood. Rebates are available on our services with a doctors referral and are very affordable when in packages. Helen and Amy can also offer you counselling sessions to assist you with previous birth trauma, difficulty attaching to your baby, relationship issues and many other concerns. We are excited and looking forward to the future. Come and visit us at: Melbourne Eastern Healthcare – Level 1 / 157 Scoresby Rd. Boronia