How does it work?

Helen and Amy can offer you pre-pregnancy support  once you have made the decision to fall pregnant. We can meet with you, and your partner, to discuss a range of information that is important for pregnancy. Including: nutrition, birth place choices, care giver options and emotional expectations.

Once you are pregnant Amy and Helen can meet with you in early pregnancy to discuss and offer advice on early pregnancy decisions. Including birth place choices, care giver options, routine testing, dietary advice, natural morning sickness remedies and any questions you have.

Once you have chosen your place of birth and primary care giver, Eastside Midwives and Counselling offers a range of services and packages (please see our fees page) to support families complimentary to their primary carer.


One on one pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding education is available, as well as regular group sessions. Eastside Midwives & Counselling is also able to offer women counselling support. These sessions can offer support for previous birth trauma, fear of birth, relationship difficulties and emotional difficulties around pregnancy, birth and parenting.